The Crawford laboratory is the result of the collaboration of researchers that have been working together in multidisciplinary groups such as the FAB* Lab and the HESP Lab to produce interdisciplinary research.

Members come from diverse disciplines including anthropology, archaeology, biological sciences, ecology, economics, health sciences, linguistics, molecular genetics, and psychology.

The collaboration of Principal Investigators and the members of their labs with scientists from broad backgrounds has resulted in projects and publications such as the iReceptor, brought to light ancient evolutionary relationships using fossil and advanced phylogenetic tools, used the knowledge from new model systems to better understand human fertilization events, and to propose new psychiatric theories describing psychiatric disorders and mental illness as diametric opposites.

In the Crawford Lab, students get to participate weekly in meetings that welcome visiting researchers, set the stage for the development of unique workshops, and create a dynamic environment that encourages debate and exchange of ideas. Students interested in joining a participating Lab should look for additional information on the websites of the Principal Investigators.

The creation of Crawford Laboratory was inspired by the work of Dr. Charles Crawford. [reason why his image represents the lab]

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