Dr. Felix Breden

ProfesFelix Breden. SFU biologist and biology department chairsor
Population Genetics & Genomics

EMAIL: breden@sfu.ca
PHONE: 778-782-5647
WEBSITE: http://www.sfu.ca/biology/faculty/breden/lab/

Research Interests

Felix Breden is an evolutionary biologist who has fallen under the spell of immunoglobulin genes, that code for the almost infinite variability of the antibody/B-cell and T-cell components of the vertebrate adaptive immune system

Our most recent project, iReceptor, is a data integrative platform for sharing and comparing the vast high-throughput sequencing data bases of B-cell and T-cell repertoires.  Go to ireceptor.irmacs.sfu.ca for more information.

Our lab also studies the complicated opsin genes underlying tuning of the vertebrate visual system, using guppies and related species.