Dr. Bernard Crespi

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canadaprofile
Professor of Evolutionary Biology
Biological Sciences
Simon Fraser University

EMAIL: crespi@sfu.ca
TEL: 778-782-3533
WEBSITE: http://www.sfu.ca/biology/faculty/crespi/

Research Interests

The purpose of my research program is to use integrated genetic, ecological and phylogenetic approaches to study social evolution across all levels in the hierarchy of life, from genes, to cells, to organisms, to social systems, and to the brain.


Bernie attended the University of Chicago for his undergraduate degree, and then did his PhD with Bill Hamilton and Dick Alexander at the University of Michigan. He globe-trotted Post-Doctoral positions at the University of New South Wales, Oxford, and Cornell, after which he was hired at Simon Fraser, where he has been ever since.  His research career represents a seamless transition between the study of behavioural ecology and social adaptation, first in small insects and then in large, human primates.