Human Evolution

“Human evolution, at first, seems extraordinary. How could the process that gave rise to slugs and oak trees and fish produce a creature that can fly to the moon and invent the Internet and cross the ocean in boats?
– Steven Pinker

How has evolution shaped humankind throughout time? Researchers at the Crawford Lab study diverse aspects of human evolution, including morphology, tool use, material culture, language, religion, and psychology.  One of our members was even part of the team that discovered Homo naledi!

Current Projects

Phylogeny of Ancient Hominids
Dr. Mark Collard, Dr. Arne Mooers, and Dr. Mana Dembo have played integral roles in developing a new evolutionary tree of ancient human ancestors, including the recently discovered Homo naledi.
Notable Publications: The evolutionary relationships and age of Homo naledi: An assessment using dated Bayesian phylogenetic methods