Dr. Arne Mooers

Professor of Biodiversityarne
Department of Biological Sciences
Simon Fraser University

TEL: 778-782-3979
WEBSITE: https://arnemooerssite.wordpress.com

Research Interests

We (my students, close collaborators, and I) are very interested in biodiversity (whatever that is) and its sound stewardship. I am also increasingly interested in applying stochastic models to help infer the phylogenies of fossil hominids.  You can get a bit more information, some news, and links to my activities and publications from my website.


I am from Fredericton, N.B., did my first degree at McGill in the late 80’s, took a year off, did my second degree at Oxford University (early 90’s), took a year off, did a post-doc at UBC with Dolph Schluter and Mike Whitlock, then another at the University of Amsterdam  at its Zoological Museum (post-docs are sort of years off, they are so free), and finally came to SFU in 2001.  I live for mountains, and for snow.