Upcoming Events

Date Speaker/Topic Event Type
2016/11/02 Dr. Michael Richards, FSA, FRSC Department of Archaeology, SFU ISOTOPE ECOLOGY OF ANCIENT HUMANS Joint BISC-HESP Seminar
2016/11/04 No meeting- see you at Brackendale Eco-Evo Retreat! 
2016/11/11 Public Holiday
2016/11/17 Dr. Timothy Weaver: New approaches for understanding changes in skull form throughout human evolution  HESP
2016/11/18 Dr. Mika Mokkonen   FAB*LAB
2016/11/25 Alannah Biega and Dan Greenberg FAB*LAB
2016/12/02 TBA  FAB*LAB
2017/01/11 Dr. Mick Elliot, University of Cambridge, Evolution,  development  and  women’s  health  during  pregnancy  Biological Sciences Department Seminar
2017/02/24 Dr. Laura Weir FAB*LAB