Name Where are they now?
 Dr. Heather Alexander
Dr. Martin Brummel Post-Doc at the Univ. of Waterloo
 Dr. Mana Dembo Post-Doc at Simon Fraser University
 Dr. Marina Elliott University of the Witwatersrand, Evolutionary Studies Institute
 Dr. Michael Elliott Centre for Trophoblast Research, Cambridge
 Dr. Simon Goring
 Dr. Kristen Fay Gorman
 Dr. Suzanne Gray Gray Lab, Ohio State University
 Dr. Gwilym Hanes Researcher, BC Genome Sciences Centre
 Erica Jeffrey
Dr. Jeffrey Joy Faculty at UBC and BC Centre of Excellence in HIV-AIDS
 Dr. Carson Keaver Faculty at Kwantlan Polytech
 Emma Leach Genetics Counsellor
 Dr. Anna Lindholm Researcher at Univ. Zurich
 Dr. Patrik Nosil Univ. Sheffield EU Fellow
 Dr. Christine Parent Parent Lab, University of Idaho
 Dr. Scott Pavey Faculty and Canadian Research Chair, UNB St. John
 Eva Popovich Univ. Queensland PhD
 Tanya Procyshyn Autism Research Centre, Cambridge, PhD
 Dr. David Redding Research Fellow at Imperial College London
 Dr. Ben Sandkam Post-Doc Fellow at the Univ. Maryland
 Dr. Tanja Schwander Faculty at Univ. Lausanne
 Dr. Steve Springer UC San Diego PDF
 Dr. Will Stein Point Blue Conservation Centre, California
 Dr. Jenn Sunday UBC Department of Zoology
 Dr. John Taylor Faculty at UVictoria
 Dr. Jana Vamosi Associate Professor, U of Calgary
 Dr. Rutger Vos National Museum of Natural History, Leiden NL
 Dr. Corey Watson University of Louisville
 Kristin Westfall Univ. of Reykjavik
 Dr. Anders Ödeen (deceased) Uppsala
 Dr. Arianne Albert Biostatistician at Women’s Health Research Institute Vancouver
 Dr. Reuven Dukas McMaster University
 Dr. Kyle Young Fisheries Scientist, UK
Lauralene Faye Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs student at UBC
Logan Volkman PhD student at UBC-O
Iain Martyn PhD student in biophysics at Rockefeller University
Dr. Juan Lopez Cantalapiedra National Museum, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Renske Gudde  PhD University of Redding, UK
Dr. David Redding Imperial College, UK
Tyler Kuhn  Photographer & Conservation Biologist
Dr. Klaas Hartmann University of Tasmania Fisheries Institute 
Emily Meuser  Lawyer, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Clea Moray  Pacific Salmon Foundation
Eva Chrostowski  Biology teacher
Dr. Howard Rundle past CRC  University of Ottawa, now full Professor