FAB* Lab


The FAB* lab is the name we gave to a collection of labs at Simon Fraser University starting in 2001 whose joint focus was organic evolution. FAB stood for Felix Breden, Arne Mooers and Bernie Crespi.  In the mid naughts, Mike Hart joined, and we became FAB*.  A few years later, Mark Collard joined from Archaeology, and from there grew HESP and now the the Crawford Lab of Evolutionary Studies. We now have a vibrant team including new additions such as Laura Dane, Pablo Nepomnaschy, Leithen M’Gonigle and Caroline Colijn.

We meet weekly, the older folks sit on each others’ students’ committees, coordinate undergrad and graduate training, and we are all active in various overlapping and more inclusive groups (such as the UBC/SFU/UVic Annual Ecology and Evolution Retreat, the Vancouver Evolution Group, the Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference). We basically think about evolution and evolutionary ecology as much as possible.

On the Alumni page of the Crawford Lab is a (likely incomplete) list of past member of the FAB* lab.  We are extremely proud of all our alumni and their ongoing accomplishments.We are always looking to grow: if you are a motivated undergrad bitten by the evolution bug, a prospective graduate student or a post-doctoral fellow, please browse the Crawford Lab website to see if you can see yourself joining. We can offer you a very interactive group, rigorous training (we hope) and a supportive environment (for sure). Indeed, with the strong links within SFU and between SFU and UBC, Vancouver is an exciting place to study evolution.